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Air Distribution Equipment Partners

Mason & Barry is honored to work with some of the top names in Air Distribution Equipment. Click on the logo to visit the company's web site.


GreenheckFans, ventilators, dampers, louvers, energy recovery units, makeup air units, kitchen ventilation systems, and fume exhaust fans.
Price Air Distribution EquipmentGrills, registers, diffusers, clean-room systems, single- and dual-duct terminal units, fan-powered terminal units, retrofit units, sound attenuators.
Car-Mon Products, Inc.Fume exhauster systems, electro-static precipitators, and dust collection systems.
Duct SoxFabric duct systems and air curtains.


Semco HVAC EquipmentSpiral duct, fittings, and sound attenuators, acoustical panels.

Spunstrand duct systemsFiberglass underground and fume-exhaust duct systems.
Acutherm VAV DiffusersVAV Diffusers.