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HVAC Building Automation - Direct Digital Controls

  Monitor your energy costs from one screen with an easy to use building automation system from Mason & Barry
  Monitor your energy cost from one screen with an easy to use building automation system.

Energy cost is one of the largest expenses in the operation of America's larger facilities. With costs continuing to rise, everyone is looking for ways to increase efficiency. A well-designed Direct Digital Control (DDC) system can drastically reduce energy costs, while providing a consistently comfortable environment.

DDC systems monitor temperature, humidity and other factors that affect the building's comfort levels, then automatically adjust the HVAC levels as needed. By constantly maintaining the building's environment, the systems run at a lower capacity, saving energy and money. Computer-generated automatic sensors routinely send notifications to the HVAC system to adjust temperature or humidity. Over time, these small adjustments translate into large cost savings. Building occupants also experience a consistent environment without uncomfortable swings in temperature or humidity. Mason & Barry is eager to work with you to regarding a centralized control system that meets the needs of your facility and provides you the greatest energy savings. 

A typical HVAC control system.  
A typical HVAC control system.  

Utilizing Mason & Barry's basic DDC system for your HVAC equipment enables you to upgrade to our "Smart Building" Technology in the future and develop an even greater level of building management, control, comfort and energy savings whenever you choose or whenever your budget will support it.

In addition to the basic DDC controls, we also provide the industry-leading HVAC Equipment and Air Distribution Systems to ensure that your system will operate at its most energy-efficient level.

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