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Meet Daikin's Line of          Roof Top Solutions:


Energy Savings

Daikin Rebel, the only roof top unit to meet new energy savings guidelines of the Federal Department of Energy will generate extraordinary savings for your energy budget.     Video


Schools Save Big Energy Bucks

Small School District in Ohio Saves Big on Energy      Read 

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Mason & Barry is proud to partner with the industry leaders in HVAC equipment to deliver top quality, efficent systems for your organzation.Click on the logos below to visit our partner's website. Get a full list of our partners.


Chillers and Air Handling Units

Learn About Daikin's Magnetic
Chiller Technology

Whether maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and guests or maintaining a critical environment for your equipment or processes, dependable HVAC equipment is essential in your commercial building. Mason & Barry carries a full line of chillers and air handling equipment that will keep your building comfortable even on the hottest summer day. All of our systems are specfically attuned to your location and your need. Call us today for more information regarding your specific building.

A Mason & Barry Chiller installed at St. Marys Medical Center in Huntington, WV.Chillers

Chillers are an important part of a hydronic HVAC cooling system. The chiller removes heat from the air using a liquid or vapor system. The style and size of chiller your facility will need depends on the size of the building, its location, and occupancy, as well as other factors. Daikin's new cutting edge chiller, the Magnitude, is an oil-free, magnetic design making it frictionless in nature. It offers increased reliability and reduced maintenance because there is no oil management system and no conventional bearings. This innovative Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller is providing the highest efficiency and the lowest decible ratings in the HVAC industry. 


Air Handling Units

Once the air is cooled, the air handling unit must distribute it throughout the building. Air handling units or coils send the cooled. dehumidified air back into the facility. The size and complexity of air handling units range between 15 and 1,400 tons in cooling capacity and directly impacts the indoor air quality of the building regarding such issues as temperature, humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria and noise.