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Energy Savings

Green Building Technology can greatly reduce energy costs. For West Virginia State University, the savings were substantial.



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For more information on the LEED organization (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.

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Mason & Barry Provides "Green Building" Technology

  "Green Building" Technology with Daikin VRV equipment.
  Mason & Barry works with a variety of equipment that meets the LEED guidelines, such as this VRV equipment from Daikin.

Green Building concepts have been discussed for many years and are gaining in popularity in new construction.  There are many definitions of what a green building is but essentially it is one whose construction and lifetime of operation assure the healthiest possible environment while representing the most efficient and least disruptive use of land, water, energy and resources. The optimum design is one that effectively emulates all of the natural systems and conditions of the original construction site – after the project is complete.

While many believe that the cost of building "green" are more expensive, it has been demonstrated that many green technologies actually cost the same or even less than traditional “not-so-green” technologies.  By blending the right mix of green technologies it is possible to have a very green building whose cost is similar to a conventional one.  Often the key to a cost effective green building lies within the interrelationships  of components and the associated cost and performance trade-offs that exist between different building systems. For example, the use of a quiet, high efficiency HVAC system may slightly increase the first cost of the building envelope, but the resulting reduction in the size and cost of the building envelope as well as reduced energy consumption, operational costs and equipment maintenance more than offsets any initial cost.  The result is a building that has a comparable or perhaps even a lower first cost, a higher comfort level, lower energy use and cost, reduced lifetime operational cost and a quieter building and community environment.  Additionally, in situations where initial costs are greater, these systems often show a return on investment is less than 3 years.
Mason & Barry's Ecostruxure control system as well as our line of Daikin HVAC equipment all contribute to the "green" capabilities of your facility by reducing energy and operational costs while increasing life cycle expectancies of equipment and improving both the building and community environments.  
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