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Mason & Barry works with the leading suppliers in commercial HVAC, including Semco

School Applications

Displacement Ventilation systems have a variety of benefits in a school setting.

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Displacement Ventilation

Buildings used for office space or supply storage are good candidates for a displacement ventilation system. In this type of system, the cool air spreads throughout the space at floor level and rises as the air warms because of heat sources. Heat may be generated by occupants, computers, lights or other equipment. Once it reaches the ceiling, the warm air leaves the room.

Studies have shown that displacement ventilation systems provide superior air quality because it provides only clean air to the space and removes any impurities caused by people or machinery. Displacement ventilation systems maximize naturally occurring air flow, providing an energy efficient system. 

This type of system is best suited for buildings with taller spaces. It is normally used only for cooling functions and a supplemental heating system is used. 

Displacement ventilation can be an important part of a customized HVAC solution for your commercial location. It works will with other cooling and heating systems, as well as other HVAC products. Contact us for your custom designed system.

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Many facilities utilize chilled beam technology to dramatically enhance the savings made available by displacement ventilation. The ceiling grill on the right in this photo is the visible evidence of the chilled beam system provided by Mason & Barry to the Charleston Area Medical Center who employs it in both patient and public segments of their facility.